Our core expertise

Our consulting services focus on intellectual property, telecommunications and media law, on corporate law and on matrimonial property and inheritance law.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we assist in conducting various types of notarisations. We maintain close relationships with professional notaries; this ensures fast and cost-effective handling of the legal matters.

For issues relating to foreign jurisdictions or particular areas of law, we have access to a broad network of correspondent lawyers, who adhere to the same quality standards as we do.


Intellectual Property, Radio and Television

We primarily focus on intellectual property, telecommunications and media, in particular broadcasting rights relating to radio/television programmes and licensing. We cover all regulatory areas relating to broadcasting law and telecommunications law, and also provide advice on legal issues within the entertainment industry.

We also focus on copyright and neighbouring rights in the fields of music, film, photography, literature and art.

And lastly, we provide assistance in the registration and management of brands, designs and domain names.

Corporate Law

We advise in corporate and commercial law, including corporate governance and compliance. We provide assistance in corporate law matters such us selection of the most adequate legal form for a company, and assistance in its incorporation, management, restructurings, capital changes, de-mergers, and the drafting of articles, organisational regulations and bylaws and shareholders' agreements, etc. as well as in financing matters, mergers and acquisitions.

Inheritance Law

We provide advice in all matters relating to inheritance law, in particular estate planning, e.g. on issues pertaining to the surviving spouse or the execution of bequests. We assist in drawing up testamentary dispositions, testaments, prenuptial agreements and inheritance contracts as well as in matters concerning matrimonial property and inheritance law.

As executor, we carry out the testator’s last will. And while doing so, we also observe the co-determination rights of the lawful and designated heirs and the legatees. Lastly, we advise heirs in drawing up estate distribution agreements. In performing these tasks, we take a solution-oriented approach in order to avoid disputes. Thanks to our sensitivity and acting discreetly we have successfully supported many distributions of estates.